My name is 亜目土 [アメド] (If you can’t read that, it says “amedo”). This blog is for sharing my journey to learn Japanese to native-level proficiency. I’ll post helpful things that have helped me gain good reading and listening skills in Japanese. As while as how I’m improving my speaking and writing skills for Japanese.

I’m a college student who decided that I should try to learn another language other than English(native language). I originally thought out to learn Cantonese but through many failed attempts when I was in high school, I stopped completely.  After a while I decided that I should try to learn Japanese. Initially I stopped trying to learn that all together. But I found out that my college has Japanese courses as part of the course selections. So I decided to take level one and see how it goes. At that period of time I thought to myself “If I put in the time and work/take all the classes, I’ll come out fluent in the language and plus I would be able to use it for jobs and advancements!” But as soon as it reached mid-term time in the language course. I soon found out that “There’s no way I’ll get fluent this way…”. So what came next? I was still interested in learning Japanese. I loved manga/anime at the time so much that I thought I should learn it by myself. But when I started initially I found it so hard that I thought at the time, this is impossible to do on my own.

So I continued researching more and more. I eventually found the AJATT site. I thought at first this guy was a genius for gaining fluency in Japanese. So when I started it on my own. I.e. get the remembering the kanji books and preparing to use the srs. I had a lot of trouble. But I did keep at it and I was benefiting a lot from it. I gained the ability to write/recognize kanji meanings easily. But the real test came when I reached the sentence phase. That’s when I was really learning Japanese. At around 500 or so sentences I started to feel a bit strange. Why was I feeling strange? I could actually understand Japanese, or at least some of it at the time. At that time I was impressed, even thought it was only a small improvement. I decided to go monolingual at around 5000. At that time I tried monolingual and failed utterly. It was so hard to understand it in Japanese by itself. I needed some time of English definition to supplement my understanding of the sentence.

But I noticed that, the more you keep learning Japanese, the easier it becomes to understand it in it’s own language. I was around 3-4 months of learning Japanese and I was impressed. I could read Japanese decently/understand it decently. Obviously no where near fluent but I felt it was possible. It was only around the 5 months into Japanese that I said to myself “This is possible, I can learn Japanese!”

So where am I in terms of learning Japanese as of now? Currently 1 year and 6 months into Japanese. That’s 18months. What can I do now? I can understand/read it to a high level in a variety of context. I can understand anime,news,movies,samurai movies(I love these). I can follow text/read sites/news without much difficulty.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not fluent just yet(getting close). I can achieve fluency in all skills in the language, all it takes it time,enjoyment and having a good system(the srs)


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  1. Hey, I’m glad to come across your blog and I look forward to watching your progress. I’m still in the RTK1 Stage, at the moment I know about 1,000 Kanji at and it’s going pretty well.

    I just wanted to say hey, and encourage you to keep up the good work.

    All the best!

  2. What’s up? My name is Gerson Rocha, I’m 16 and I’m brazilian. I’ve been studying English since I was 13, and now I believe I have achieved fluency ’cause I’ve got solid knowledge at it. Well, let me tell you my story: I study Japanese for less than a year in a language school near home, but next year I really want to apply for MEXT scholarship so then I can study in Japan.
    Despite I study a lot by myself, I know only 100 kanji, and the test requires advanced reading skills. I have already read your post about the matter, and I found it so interesting and fulfilling.
    I was wondering, can you give me your e-mail, so then I can send you a message whenever I have any doubts about the way I study at home and stuff?
    Thank you so much for the initiative of creating this blog, it’s awesome!

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